CIRCLE  passages 
MAY 21ST & 29TH FROM 7-8:30 PM
Learn about our offerings and approach, ask questions, and get a virtual tour at our Open House. Then come back for a free webinar, Transforming Crisis into Opportunity, to experience our process and receive tools and strategies.
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in collaboration with 4H, School of Lost Borders and WSU

Our uniquely powerful offerings combine cutting edge science with time-tested practices to provide a circle of support for the journey of your life. Weaving on-site learning with online resources, we are here to help you navigate the big steps that mark your life passage. In the current pandemic-related mental health crisis, we are offering additional courses to provide additional support for you and those you love. Our primary concern is safe passage--helping people through hard times like these. Offering an intimate circle of support that includes counselors and doctors, youth leaders, yoga instructors, nutritionists, and grief specialists, we have gathered the resources to provide safe passage as you navigate your journey to find yourself and your way.


Whether you are transitioning from childhood, adulthood, elderhood or going through significant passages in your life. like the pandemic, we have created a circle to help hold you as you grow into the fullness of your power, purpose and potential. Come explore our different offerings from Pandemic Support Kits that introduce tools and skills that foster social, emotional, and psychological resilience to online Wilderness Rites of Passage kits, Community Circles, Renewing Retreats, and Wilderness Treks. We want to help you find your way.

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Why Nature?

While have become increasingly separated from nature, the word nature expresses our true or inner nature or essence and our ability to feel natural, healed, and whole. Studies have shown that when we are in nature experience a return to natural rhythms, habits, and patterns that help us feel comfortable, peaceful, and at ease. Also, a nature-based approach is inexpensive, accessible and--natural, based in a model that our nature has a homeostatic ability to heal and restore itself. 


Do you feel a call to have fun, make friends and live a life that is natural, real and free? Are you called to a deeper relationship with yourself, family, community and world? Circle Passages offers renewed hope, health, happiness, and gratitude by fostering a love of life based on deep self-acceptance and true self-esteem. Found to reduce everything from anxiety to depression, suicide to addiction, rites of passage guide you to where you want to go. We help you live a life that is wildly authentic: YOU.

"Every positive change--every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness--involves a rite of passage.”  Dan Millman


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Are you Called?

Do you feel a desire for more?


Discover your nature in nature.


Grow up in a circle of support.


Find your self and your way.


Claim your power and purpose.

The trailhead to a transformative journey. 
Are you ready to take your next step?


We all desire to be healed and whole, to hold the ones we love and love ourselves. We dream of a life and a world that is safe in which we can be ourselves. Circle Passages is a place to realize these dreams by taking the next step on a transformative journey of self discovery. We awaken the dreamer.



To navigate our journey and find safe passage requires a vision of where we have been, are and are going. The passage from childhood to adulthood and elderhood is a vision quest to find inner direction and orientation. We help you see into yourself and your future . . . then we help you to honor and create that vision. We celebrate your insight.



In coming together in circle we step upon common ground and take an important step to transforming ourselves, lives and world. Walking on a path that has guided and protected people through the ages, we ground our nature in nature and remember how to be ourselves in family and community. 



On your rite of passage you grow up and root deep, rippling out in circles of influence like the growth rings of a tree. Like the forest that supports the tree, we foster independence as interdependence. Our circle reflects the forest as a systemic whole, offering a holistic support network to nurture sustainable growth. We grow within the circle of community.


OUR Difference

rites of passage ARE ANCIENT, But We are DIFFERENT. 


We combine on-site and online learning for greater flexibility, accessibility and sustainability. Weaving in-person and virtual support, we plant the seeds of transformation amongst the natural beauty of BEloved sanctuary and nurture their growth in a safe online community. In this way, we provide greater access to resources but also greater flexibility, so that you can sustain the growth over a year and your life. We offer teachings that naturally evolve to meet your needs, while integrating the circle we hold on-site within the circle of your life, so your growth will take root and dig deep.



Each individual, family and community has a story that informs the rite of passage, guiding our life. So we spend time discovering and retelling our stories in journals, art and ceremony. By honoring the unique experience of each individual, we recognize and honor their heritage. We believe that in order to move forward into our futures, we need to connect with our past, researching our roots through stories and inner reflection that help us understand ourselves. In retelling our story, we reclaim our power for ourselves and our community.



Through these circles we work (and play) with individuals, their families and communities, weaving them together over courses that range from a weekend to a year. We map our journey using the cycles and seasons of nature that allow seeds time for dormancy and growth. We provide support before and after your initiation, giving you resources to help you transplant into your life. We want your tree to survive and thrive within the family and community in which you live, so while some rites of passage offer intensives, we offer a natural rhythm that aligns with nature to grow as a forest.



The rites of passage are designed by the individual as they are initiated to reflect the unique VISION and experience of THEIR process. While a basic structure is provided, individuals are encouraged to create their own circle of support and self-generated ritual, including options in terms of where and how the rite of passage takes place. While in the past the rite of passage was determined by culture and gender, we believe that people’s processes are best reflected in initiating ceremonies of their own design.


Circles include Everyone 

A circle is whole because it includes everyone, young and old, black and white, male and female . . . and everything in between. Circles are unbroken, holding diversity within unity in which each part and person is needed as a whole to be whole. They symbolize an equality based on difference not sameness, and we celebrate this difference. Like the circle, we need everyone to be themselves, natural and whole, in order to gift us with their true and full power and presence. With a primary focus on creating uniquely authentic and different, self-generated rites of passage, we embrace and celebrate all people and the differences that make us whole. In order to honor our commitment to the gift of inclusion, we work with different needs to accommodate everyone, striving to reflect an inclusive diversity in our teaching and teachers. 


“Everything the power of the world does is done in circle. The Universe is circles within circles, and everything is one circle, and all the circles are connected to each other. Each family is a circle, and those family circles connect together to make a community, and the community makes its circle where it lives on the Earth.”  Black Elk