Circle Passages offers renewed hope, health and love for life. They have been found to reduce anxiety, depression, addiction, ADD/ADHD, OCD, mood disorders, attachment deficit disorder, PTSD, social anxiety, suicidal ideation, nature deficit disorder, technology addiction, sleep & eating disorders and self-esteem. Our offerings, including creative pandemic support as well as traditional wilderness rites of passage.

OUR MISSION is to help youth, adults and elders find safe passage as they navigate the paths of their lives. Through contemporary rites of passage, we guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment to foster natural and sustainable growth within a circle of power and community. We honor the deep values and connections that provide safe passage through hard times. We help people to root deep and grow, rippling out like the rings of the tree to transform themselves, their families, communities and world. By reconnecting with our nature in nature, we believe that we reconnect all of these circles with a natural and sustainable way of being in right relationship.

OUR VISION is a world of multi-generational and cultural wholeness in which individuals can achieve independence within circles of interdependence. People are whole within themselves because they are held within circles of family and community, growing naturally like the rings of a tree. Like a circle, we offer a vision of unbroken connection based on respect for all life held within the circle of the earth.

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We are a circle gathered to help you grow. Balancing differences of age and gender in our leadership circle, we offer a powerful combination of knowledge and experience. With circles that include those undergoing the rite of passage as well as their parents (with youth) and community, we have gathered youthful counselors who and wise elders, experts in the seasons of nature and our psychological nature. This circle is designed to be flexible, meeting the unique needs of each individual and group that gathers.

3 STAGES and Rs

  1. Reflect: take inventory of yourself to make changes and separate from the past. (stage: SEPARATION)

  2. Respect: retreat onto the land to respect yourself, others and the world (stage: TRANSFORMATION)

  3. Remember: reflect, remember, and integrate your experience into your life (stage: INTEGRATION)

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Heather. (PhD) eco-art therapist, psychologist and rites of passage leader and coordinator 

Buck. (2 MAs) youth and family counselor, rites of passage leader, seeking higher ground

Jordan. (cert. yoga instructor) youth coordinator, rites of passage leader, loves heartfelt mindfulness

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Mary. (MD) doctor and educator, specializing in youth empowerment,  trauma  and resilience

Yvonne. (PhD) specializing in suicide prevention, gender identity, and typology

Noe. nutrition     Courtney. grieving     Pat. nature educator     and MORE

Kyle. honorary member, hereditary chief and native leader, storyteller, educator, and activist

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