Frequently asked questions

Is a rite of passage dangerous or hard?

We keep low ratios of counsellor or guide to participants (3/4 to 1 on the land) to make sure this is a safe and transformative process. Our number one focus is on safe passage. While we make sure that everyone is safe, there is always an element of discomfort on the land--relative to our experience of sleeping in our bed with soft pillows, etc. Yet we believe rites of passage do not have to be difficult. The truth is that a little discomfort can help us initiate. What this means to you is between you and you, as the saying goes.

What is self-generated ritual and why is it important?

Self-generated ritual is how participants make meaning out of their lives and experiences. Ritual is an ancient way for humans to exercise control over important aspects of their lives, allowing them to ritualize the transformative process. This can be a ritual of creating a threshold crossing out of stones or a picture to symbolize healing and forgiveness. It could be a softly spoken word at dawn or a song chanted through the night. Self-generated ritual is unique to the individual, expressing and embodying their process and experience.

What is mirroring and how is it used?

Mirroring is a process that allows participants to see and be seen in circle and in nature, fostering insight and growth. Mirroring has been found to be essential to healthy personal and interpersonal relationships.