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NEW Offerings
Come to our Open House on May 21st from 7-8:30
Webinar Crisis as Opportunity May 29th 7-8:30
Beginning in May we will start our weekly Circle Offerings for the community with a free webinar on Crisis as Opportunity, including creative self-assessment and coping skills. We are also offering Pandemic Support with rites of passage kits and classes for the individuals and groups (families or teams). We will also announce upcoming class dates for hybrid in person summer rites of passage coming soon. Whether you bring your own group of friends or join a group to make new ones, we have options that allow you to come as you are, when you can. We also help you pay what and how you can. Please enquire about specific needs.

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WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Pick the option that is best for you. 
KITS come with an opening and closing circle 30 min session with Heather or Buck, along with weekly content (video, audio, and written) for 10 weeks and a 3 month drop in remote circle (beginning remote with an in person option coming). Kits are designed to be flexible, taken by yourself or with your group with minimal direct guidance.
CLASSES come with weekly live in person circles on the land (1.5-2 hours), online support with lessons, activities, and prompts as well as a 3-7 day rite of passage in nature together. Classes are experienced as a circle in which you hold and support each other. Each participant will get to make a necklace and has the option of making a drum or rattle. The class comes with a 3 month drop in circle as well as an individual session at the beginning and end (individual, family, or group). This is a direct experience with us, other participants, and the land.
CIRCLES are weekly gatherings where we come together (in person and on zoom) for talks and experiences that follow the pattern: week 1. a introducing skills, strategies, and experiences based on a topic or theme; 2 a guest lecture on a topic that has been requested; 3 a circle for emergent sharing and support; 4 and a circle in nature where we gather and interact with the natural world to reflect and receive insight and healing.  
Both KITS and CLASSES include resources and instruction on nutrition, mindfulness, centering, yoga, meditation, eco-psychology, creative journaling, self-care…and  More.
WHAT WILL YOU TAKE AWAY? You will take away a greater sense of your own power, purpose and potential, a circle of support including a deeper connection to yourself, family and community and an experience and drum that will help guide, sustain and hold you on your life journey. You Give the gift that you have received: You.
CIRCLES. Weekly content to meet your needs. Drop in rate with a hybrid approach, moving to more in person. 
Week 1.  A theme-driven circle held by Buck, Jordan, and Heather on zoom (for now) the first Friday from 7-8:30 pm.
Week 2.  A guest speaker based on requests from you (both for people and topics) with the date TBD on zoom. 
Week 3.  An outdoor circle that explores our nature in nature with more interaction and time for contemplation and integration. This circle is held on the land of Circle Passages on the 3rd Saturday from 1-3:00 pm.  
Week 4.  A circle of support designed for emergent content based on the question: what do you need support with now. This is an in person offering held in either a large space or on the land, weather dependent. Saturday 1-3:00 pm.

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RITE OF PASSAGE OFFERINGS for OUR TIME. Start when you want and go at your pace. 

Pandemic Support.

A 10 week Pandemic Support offering that offers support to help you through this time. Including social and emotional learning for people of all ages, this is a creative journal-based path to processing the past and moving forward. Using the metaphor of a heroic journey, you are guided through a process of self-assessment, understanding, resilience, and empowerment. 

Individual Passage Hybrid Offering (in person and on-line) 10 week rite of passage that guides individuals from one identity, perspective, and life stage into another. Moving through the stages of separation, transformation, and integration, you design and undergo your own rite of passage, processing the past to move forward more fully into the future in your own way. This is an experience that fosters greater honesty, authenticity, resiliency, and stability.

Partner, Family, or Group Passage Hybrid Offering (in person and on-line). 

This is a 10 week rite of passage course designed for couples, families, and groups to go through together. Like the Individual Passage, it guides you from one identity, perspective, and life stage into another but it does so both as individuals and a group. With built in time alone and in group, this offering guides you from one stage and state of consciousness to another as you deepen your relationships.


*Group rates are available if you bring a circle together on your own (minimum 6 people).



PASSAGES for healing--both physical and emotional 

Healing & Grieving Passage Class

This is a 10 week rite of passage course designed for people undergoing a healing journey. Though it is specifically designed to support those undergoing cancer, it can be taken by people healing from any disease. It is also designed to support both the individual and their family with coursework and discounts for them. ​While this is a healing passage, the healing is oriented around wholeness and inner wounds more than curing disease. Yet, the transformation that results can help heal us inside and out with real benefits. 

Healing Passage Kit. 

Offering a 10 week Healing Passage kit with the same online content and resources of videos, activities, prompts, and lessons for you to do in your own time and own way. This kit comes with 3 months of zoom drop-in hour sessions (instead of weekly sessions) and an individual support session along with the opportunity to have more sessions if needed. There are additional considerations and accommodations for people with physical challenges.


These offerings include 4 weeks of active growth onsite outdoors and 6 of online support to help you integrate your vision into your life with options of 3 or 5 days in the wilderness. Preparing for your rite of passage together, we will go into the wilderness at the end of August and beginning of September (with the adults in September). Afterward we will come back together to integrate your new life, patterns and identity into your life to create your new vision and new identity.

Coming in August

1. Teens (14-18)                                  Finding Your Self and Way  (3 days in wilderness)

2. Young Adults (18-25)                   Coming into Your Power  (5 days in wilderness)

Coming Full Circle

3. Adult Offering (21 +)

Awakening                                     Rediscovering Yourself, purpose, and wholeness (5 days in wild)

Coming next year (2022)

Preteen (10-12)                             Fostering Resilience and Independence

HONORING NATURAL TRANSITIONS (shorter hybrid passages)

7.Birth            Blessing New Life

8.Awakening    Awakening Soul  

9.Crisis (dark night of the soul)   Redeeming Darkness

10.Union     Embodied Love

11.Calling     Hearing the Call12.Celebrating     Being YOU



·         An initial Circle Gathering for the participant (and sometimes their family)

·         2 small circle family and initiate session scheduled during the week by you to support your growth: one during the first month and one when you need it.

·         Necklace, drum, or rattle-making workshop

·         3-7 day rite of passage in deep wilderness (5 day for 18-25+) OFF SITE, including food & transportation

·         Mirroring for Intention and Empowerment Practice

·         Follow up Support Circle after the rite of passage

·         Follow up on-site and online support

·         Honoring Ceremony (Following Circle Schedule to conclude the active season)

·         Continued monthly drop in circle

·         Power partner practice

·         Closing Circle and Ceremony

While the length of the course varies, the offerings are designed to hold you as you move away from your old life and into your new life, moving into greater intimacy, integrity and authenticity with yourself and your circle.

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Fostering resilience and independence.

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Claiming your power.

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Find yourself and your way.



Rediscovering yourself.



Reclaiming your life's purpose.



Honoring the gift of life.



Remembering wholeness.



Coming back to life.



Navigating the dark night of the soul. 

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Celebrating yourself and your story.



Hearing and answering the Call



Bring us back together.